Banking on the move, with ANB Mobile

ANB Mobile Banking offers you the  simplest, fastest and the most convenient way of banking on the move. Just download the application from your phone’s App provider and get started.. You may login to the app by using your ANB NET user name and password, if you don’t have one, simply tap on the registration button and follow the steps to register to the service.

Through ANB Mobile you can

  • Get a complete view of your financial position
  • View all your accounts and cards with the bank
  • Perform all types of funds transfers
  • Add new beneficiaries and bills 
  • Transfer funds from your credit card to your account
  • Locate the nearest ANB branch or ATM
  • Contact ANB through phone or email
  • Share your ANB Mobile experience with friends via Twitter and Facebook

Simple steps to get started with ANB Mobile 

Here is how you can get your ANB Mobile banking app and get started. 

Step 1: Download your app

Download the ANB Mobile App from Apple Store or Google Play only, do not acquire the app from untrusted websites and stores. 


Step 2: Login or Register 

If you have already registered in ANB NET service then you can use the same user ID and password to login and use ANB Mobile. If you are a new user then click on the “registration” button visible on the login screen and follow the simple steps to get onboard.  

ANB Mobile browser version 

ANB customers having any kind of smartphone or tablet device can now access our mobile banking by simply typing in the internet browser of their device. ANB Mobile banking will fit to the screen size of the smart phone or tablet to give you the best banking experience

Services offered in ANB Mobile Banking

ANB Mobile is allows you to manage and conveniently perform the following banking services; 

  • View your accounts and Credit cards, check available balance and credit limits.
  • View statements of transactions performed on your cards and accounts.
  • View personal finance statements for paid and due installments  
  • Stop ATM cards instantly if lost or stolen.
  • Transfer funds to local and international beneficiaries
  • TeleMoney Remittance.
  • Configure beneficiaries for making funds transfer
  • Add and pay utility bills and make government payments.
  • Locate ANB branches and ATMs
  • Look up latest currency exchange rates 
  • Register to Absher (Ministry of Interior Portal) through ANB Mobile.

For any assistance please call phone banking 920005555 or send an email to

Security Tips

  • Do not share your mobile and always use your private mobile to log into mobile banking service.
  • Use a pin number to protect your mobile and keep it locked.
  • Do not disclose any of your banking information to anyone such as accounts, user name, password or SMS alerts.
  • Do not save your mobile banking user name, password, account number, ATM card number in your mobile.
  • Make sure to log out successfully whenever you finish from using Mobile Banking Application.
  • Make sure to download the official version of ANB Mobile through “App store” and “Google play” only and do not acquire apps from untrusted sites.
  • Avoid downloading any Apps that may conflict with ANB Mobile application Your mobile alerts you if you are downloading a non-secure app, do not ignore this message, such apps can make your phone vulnerable to threats and may compromise your device and its information. 
  • Always maintain the latest version of operating system and ANB mobile on your device.
  • Do not break the security system of your Mobile by using any of untrusted programs since it would make your device vulnerable to threats.
  • Be careful whenever you browse untrusted/unsecured websites cause it may contains some viruses which could damage your mobile.
  • Make sure to provide the bank with a valid and updated mobile number.
  • Refer always to ANB Mobile webpage to have a full information about the service.
  • ANB Mobile application is a service offered by ANB and its not allowed to use it for business purposes under any circumstances.
  • In case of facing any issues please send a message to or contact Phone Banking at 920005555
  • Make sure of following up the latest updates of Apps and be aware to download the updated version of ANB Mobile.
  • In order to avoid any security penetrations please do not download any apps by using untrusted resources and be sure to download all your Apps through “ Apple Store, Google Play, etc ”.
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