Arab National Bank is a leading provider of money transfer in Saudi Arabia through its TeleMoney Service, providing customers with multiple options to execute their transfers in a convenient and simple manner thru automated system and 95 dedicated TM Centers around the Kingdom.

The Service, which was launched in 1992, covers many countries including: India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, & Lebanon. 

TeleMoney services are distinguished with accuracy and Speed delivery. Customers can choose any of the following services:

Deposit into account

Customers can transfer directly into their account in their countries either in their own local currency or in US dollars.

Cash Over the Counter (COC)

Beneficiaries can receive the transfer in cash from the corresponding banks’ teller, whereby the corresponding bank will notify the beneficiary by telephone/mail about the transfer and deliver it either in their own local currency or in US dollars.


Delivering the transfer to the doorstep of the beneficiary either in their own local currency or in US dollars (this service is available in Egypt and the Philippines).

RUSH Money

This service allows the beneficiary to receive the transfer within 1 hour , deposit to account or COC (available for all countries). This service has been developed for the Philippines where the transfer can be delivered with 30 minutes.

SWIFT Transfers

Depositing the amount directly into the beneficiaries account in any bank around the world.