New SAMA state

 At Arab National Bank, we are keen to enrich customers’ Credit & Banking knowledge. Therefore, our Credit Advisors are providing customers with comprehensive details and advices related to Consumer Credit Products (Consumer Finance & Credit Cards) in a transparent and impartial manner, which will help customers to take the right decisions with regards to their financial circumstances and ability to fulfill their obligations.

The Consumer Credit Advisors Unit consists of a number of certified and dedicated credit advisors whom are knowledgeable and fully prepared to provide services, of which are:

  • Respond to customers’ enquires and provide guidance and awareness related to Consumer Credit Products.
  • Clarify the required documents and eligibility criteria as per ANB Policy.
  • Inform customers about their rights & responsibilities and provide a proper explanation of the products’ Terms & Conditions.
  • Help customers to take sound credit decisions based on their financial situation and the ability to meet their obligations when applying for any consumer product.
  • Provide customers with guidance and awareness to avoid potential risks that might reflect negatively on their credit history in Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH).
  • Discuss the available options with customers whom are facing financial difficulties and advise them to reach a suitable solution for their situation.

Working hours:

The Credit Advisors will be happy to receive your call on 920001824 during official banking hours.